100 year old wooden chandelier, art glass panel will be on display

This wooden “chandelier” will go into the exhibit sometime in June – or earlier if I have to to restore it before then.  It is the original dining room fixture from a Van Bergen house in Chicago.

He designed several variations of this fixture.  They had reflectors inside, producing indirect light by bouncing it off the ceiling and illuminating the room through indirect lighting.  As fas as I know, this is a unique lighting idea, and one of the earliest uses of a purely indirect electric lighting fixture.

The house has still has two identical fixtures hanging in the living room.

The current owners found this fixture in the basement when they bought their 1915 Van Bergen designed house.  It looks like it had been damaged decades ago.  I will restore it and rewire it.  Once it is up, it will shine light for the irst time in perhaps 50 years!

It is on loan for this exhibit only.

The art glass panel had to be removed from an exterior door in the house because it was completely falling apart.  The old scotch tape repairs were just not cutting it!  This is also waiting in line to get into my workshop for restoration.  It will also be on display when done.

There will also be copies on display of two complete sets of blueprints for this house.  Yes, I said two — for two different designs!

They were recently sent to the current owners by the grandson of the original owners. In conjunction with the exhibit, I had them digitally photographed, so that they can be archived and studied in the future without handling, as old prints like this are delicate and very sensitive to light.

Here are a couple of other original light fixtures tha still remain in the house.

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