Two Van Bergen drawings rediscovered

In the past few weeks, a number of tidbits of information have been sent to me, all as a result of the publicity surrounding this exhibit.  These two are the most exciting for me to see for the first time.

Jennifer Stuart, who is kind of the unofficial historian at Chicago Junior School, sent me this:

The drawing is a design for a 1945 addition to the campus that was never carried out.  This picture is from a brochure, sent to patrons, alums, etc., talking about post war plans for the school.  It would be sweet to find the original drawing, if it still exists!

The other drawing – well, a picture of it – was emailed to me by a member of the Highland Park Historic Preservation Commission after a tour of the exhibit I gave them a couple of weeks ago.  She did a little follow-up research and found this picture/caption from a 1935 Chicago Daily Tribune newspaper clipping.  It is of the Chicago Yacht Club:

If you are from Chicago, and familiar with the North Avenue beach house in the shape of a steamship, this earlier design was surely it’s inspiration!

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